Product Info: Ridgegear RGK20 Screwgate Delta Link

The Ridgegear RGK20 Screwgate Delta Link is normally used as a central connection link at the attachment point of the front of an adventure/climbing harness.
This provides a semi-permanent connection to the fall arrest equipment. This item also has many applications in the rope access and leisure industries.
The screwgate closure on this device means that the user must manually lock the RGK20 keeper after fitting.

The key features of the RGK20 Delta Link include:

  • Material: Steel.
  • Plating: Zinc.
  • Gate Opening: 10mm.
  • Length: 86mm.
  • Closure Type: Screwgate.
  • MBS: 45kN.
  • Weight: 153g.


For specifications please view Downloads – Datasheet