Product Description

Product Info: Ridgegear RTLWR1 Wrist Lanyard

The Ridgegear RTLWR1 Wrist Lanyard attaches to your wrist for even better accessibility of your desired tool.

The tool’s weight must not exceed 1.5kg to ensure safe use of this lanyard.

The key features of the RTLWR1 Wrist Lanyard include:


  • Length: 0.32m.
  • Web material: 20mm WR polyester.
  • Webbing strength: > 1000kg.
  • Tool attachment: Hook and eye.
  • Max capacity: 1.5kg.


  • Length: 0.3m.
  • Web material: 9mm polyester.
  • Webbing strength: > 400kg.
  • Tool attachment: Swivel snap hooks.
  • Max capacity: 1.5kg.


For specifications please view Downloads – Datasheets