Product Info: Ridgegear RGA3/EDGE Fall Arrest Block

The Ridgegear RGA3/EDGE Fall Arrest Block is a robust 15m fall arrest block with a long working length and heavier construction.

The addition of a shock pack means this block can be used whilst working over the edge. However horizontal use or foot level attachment should still be discouraged as there is a risk of serious injury from striking objects.

The carrying handle is part of the cast alloy housing and can be connected to the anchorage point using soft slings or a connector.

For self-connecting to the block, it is recommended that the operative uses an extension strop such as the Ridgegear RGL4 Webbing Extension Strop in order to ease the task. The RGA3/EDGE is supplied with galvanised wire cable.

This item must be used with a safety harness.

The key features of the RGA3/EDGE Fall Arrest Block include:

  • 15m Fall Arrest Block.
  • 5mm galvanised wire cable.
  • Case material: Alloy.
  • Shock pack material: Polyester.
  • Connector: Double action high tensile steel swivel karabiner.
  • Weight 9.6kg.
  • Max. user weight 140kg.
  • Max. force <6kN.


For specifications please view Downloads – Datasheet.