Product Info: Ridgegear RGL4 Webbing Extension Strop

The Ridgegear RGL4 Webbing Extension Strop is used by being fitted to the rear D ring of a full body harness. When used in this manner, it allows an operative to self-connect to a fall arrest block (RGA range) by extending the attachment point on the harness, and bringing it into the field of vision.

We use 26mm 32kNwebbing in the manufacture of this product, which provides greater strength, wear and sheer resistance compared to other webbing. It is also treated with a water repellent coating which should extend the life of this product.

The key features of the RGL4 Webbing Extension Strop include:

  • Web Material: 26mm water repellent polyester 32kN.
  • Fittings: RGK12 and any compatible EN362.
  • Length: 0.45m
  • Features a RGK12 connector.


For specifications please view Downloads – Datasheets