Health and safety management should be a straightforward part of managing your workplace as a whole. It involves practical steps that protect people from harm and at the same time protect the future success and the growth of your business. Good practice in health and safety makes sound business sense.

Typically, health and safety laws apply to all businesses within the UK, regardless of size. As an employer, or a self-employed person, you have a legal responsibility in relation to health and safety in your business. You must take the required precautions in order to reduce the risks of workplace dangers and provide a safe working environment.

Managing Health and Safety in Your Workplace

The following video offers a quick and easy introduction to the world of Health and Safety regulations UK.

Each section below on the HSE website offers a detailed explanation of how factors in your workplace could impact, either because of the nature of the work or the way it is managed. The sections relate to hazards and health issues you may need to assess and take action to deal with – they could be included in your health and safety policy.

Contains public sector information published by the Health and Safety Executive and licensed under the Open Government Licence’.

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