Product Info: Sabre Mars Resuscitator

The Sabre MARS is based around two central components: the control module and the patient valve. The gas supplied passes through the automatic channel and is delivered to the patient as a specific breathing programme in accordance to the patients size as per the flow selector.

  • Manual and Automatic Resuscitation System
  • Selectable tidal volume/patient settings for automatic mode
  • Demand valve delivers 100% Oxygen upon inspiritory phase, shutting down the automatic breathing programme
  • An audible alarm will sound if; the airway reaches 45 cm H20, the patient airway pressure becomes over pressurised/blocked or the automatic breathing senses the zero flow
  • Manual override trigger allows the operator to perform lung saturation and resuscitation
  • Conforms to BS6850:1987
  • Suitable for children and adults

Hire Rate : £76.00 P/Week

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