Product Info: Ridgegear RGL32 Anchorage Sling

The Ridgegear RGL32 Anchorage Sling is manufactured using highly durable Dyneema® nylon yarn.

This sling can be used to wrap around an object to create an anchor point, where a scaffold hook cannot be attached and can withstand repeated use.

It is also ideal to be used to attach rescue equipment and secondary back-up systems, as well as being used as mountaineering slings.

We offer a range of sizes which are signified by colour coded stitching.

The key features of the Ridgegear RGL32 include:

  • Material: 13mm Dyneema® Nylon.
  • Breaking load: >22kN.
  • Length/Weight: 0.3m – 16g (YELOW), 0.6m – 29g (BLUE), 0.8m – 38g (ORANGE), 1.2m – 55g (GREEN), 1.5m – 69g (RED), 2.4m – 109g (GREY) .


For specifications please view Downloads – Datasheet