Product Info: Ridgegear RGL31 Ladder Restraint Lanyard

The Ridgegear RGL31 Ladder Restraint Lanyard has been specifically designed for ladder restraint when a shorter lanyard is required. The two attachment points can be used to adjust the length between yourself and the ladder when climbing.

The restraint lanyard can only be used for work restraint because there is no shock absorption built into the system. It should never be used to extend another fall arrest product.

We use 37kN polyester webbing to manufacture this product which helps give the product a longer life. It is also treated with a water repellent coating which also extends the life of this product.

The key features of the RGL31 Ladder Restraint Lanyard include:

  • Material: 26mm water repellent polyester 37kN.
  • Fittings: RGK11/SL, RGK1.
  • Lengths: 0.56m, can be reduced to 0.44m.
  • Scaffold hook.


For specifications please view Downloads – Datasheets