Product Info: Ridgegear RGL28 Chaser Lanyard

The Ridgegear RGL28 Chaser Lanyard has been specifically designed to eliminate working hazards. It is fully retractable and must be used in conjunction with a fall arrest harness.

A twin leg self-retracting lanyard, the extra leg allows movement between anchorage points by means of double clipping. It has an almost instant lock off in the event of a fall, and recoils into the drum when slack is introduced into the lanyard. The reduced trip hazard and ultra-compact design make this unit ideal for tight work and tasks where a shorter arc of mobility is required.

The RGL28 Chaser has a maximum working length of 2m.

Suitable for MEWP operators.

The key features of the RGL28 Chaser Lanyard include:

  • Material: 15mm high strength UHMWPE.
  • Max. arrest force: <6kN.
  • Weight: 2.15kg.
  • Length: 0.8-2m.
  • Fittings: RGK2P, 2 x RGK11SL.
  • Shock Absorber.
  • Self retracting units with protective covers.


For specifications please view Downloads – Datasheet