Product Info: Ridgegear RGL1 Mini Lanyard

The Ridgegear RGL1 Mini Lanyard is an industry standard, and usually the minimum equipment issued/required with a harness for anyone working at height.

When the free fall distance and working lenght is to be kept to a minimum the RGL1 Mini is the ideal solution. Due to its short length, the absorber pack is lighter and smaller than on conventional lanyards. If even shorter working is required the RGK1 connector can be attached to the absorber pack loop.

The RGL1 Mini is manufacured using 32kN polyester webbing and is treated with a water repellent coating, which helps give the product a longer life.

The key features of the RGL1 Mini Lanyard include:

  • Material: 26mm water repellent polyester 32kN.
  • Max. arrest force: <6kN.
  • Fittings: RGK1, RGK11/SL.
  • Length: 0.6m.
  • Shock Absorber.
  • Scaffold Hook.


For specifications please view Downloads – Datasheet