Product Info: Ridgegear RGK2 Twistlock Karabiner

The Ridgegear RGK2 Twistlock Karabiner is an extremely safe karabiner to use, as it locks automatically.

Similar to the RGK1 in size and weight, the RGK2 is ideal for lanyards and aid climbing and has the extra twistlock feature.

This karabiner is also available with a captive pin (RGK2P) allowing for permanent fixture to the lanyard.

The key features of the RGK2 Karabiner include:

  • Material: Steel.
  • Plating: Zinc.
  • Gate Opening: 17mm.
  • External length: 107mm
  • Closure Type: Twistlock.
  • MBS: 25kN.
  • Weight: 215g.


For specifications please view Downloads – Datasheet