Product Info: MSA Turbo-Flo Fresh Air Hose Breathing Apparatus

The MSA Turbo-Flo Fresh Air Hose Breathing Apparatus is an isolating respiratory protection apparatus which can be put to use where conditions permit to draw air from a hazard-free atmosphere.
Turbo-Flo can be used as unassisted or as assisted fresh air breathing apparatus. Since the air supply is practically unlimited, the user can work without time restrictions.

The Turbo-Flo fresh air hose breathing apparatus is tested and approved according to EN 138 as assisted and unassisted fresh air breathing apparatus.

Turbo-Flo consists of a belt connector which is firmly fixed to the waist belt. This is worn on the back. At the belt connector is the air supply hose which is connected to the twin breathing hose. The twin breathing hose is positioned along the back and over the shoulders and thus allows the user greatest freedom of movement.

It contains a pressure relief valve and a standard thread connector according to EN 148-1.The mask is the world renowned full face mask 3S, (as shown above with the kit)

When used as unassisted fresh air hose breathing apparatus, the breathable air is drawn by lung power through an air supply hose of 9 m or 18 m long. At the hose end a filter is attached to prevent foreign objects, e.g. stones into the hose. The hose end is fixed with a spike.


Hire Rate

Full Kit: £8.00 per week

Blower Unit: £3.00 per week


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