Product Info: Laserliner Cubus 210 S Set

The Laserliner Cubus 210 S Set is a long range, fully automatic rotary laser that is ideal for excavation work. The robust device provides precise levelling of horizontals, verticals and slopes.

A 90° reference beam provides plumb-lining and aligning for partitions. Available modes include spot, scan, rotary and hand-held receiver. The combination of light-weight tripod, laser receiver and measuring staff is ideal for determining and working with reference dimensions. All functions can be easily controlled with the remote control up to a maximum distance of 40 metres. In the event of external influences, the device shuts down automatically to prevent measurement errors. The battery pack can be used and charged at the same time which means users can work without interruption.

The key features of the Laserliner Cubus 210 S include:

  • Range 200m
  • Fully automatic rotary laser
  • Exact horizontal & vertical alignment
  • 90° reference beam
  • Laser receiver range up to 200m
  • Functions can be controlled by remote up to 40m
  • Ideal for manual alignment of slopes
  • Battery type: NiMH

Supplied with:

  • SensoLite 210 Receiver
  • Universal mount
  • Remote control
  • Li-ion battery
  • Power supply/battery charger
  • 4 Year Warranty