Product Info: G-Force TM12 Aluminium Multi-Purpose Tripod & Gantry

The G-Force TM12 Aluminium Multi-Purpose Tripod & Gantry comes with the following parts:
Main Tripod, Top Beam & 2 Legged Support.
1 x Double Trolley (on Beam)
1 x Single trolley (on Beam)
1 x 1000kg Alloy Bow Shackle

It can be used in Complete Form, with Gantry or on its own for Confined Space working for Man Riding up to 140kg or Materials Lifting or Lowering of up to 1000kg

Lightweight & Portable as the TM12 Breaks Down into 3 Key Components

Fully Adjustable In Both Length & Height

Gripping Thorns on Tripod Feet for Improved Traction On Slippery Surfaces.

Safety Locking Pins to Prevent movement of Beam Trolley

Shipping box dimensions length 2540mm x width 330mm x height 340mm.