Product Description

Product Info: 2kg Fire Extinguisher

The 2kg Fire Extinguisher is safe for most household fire types including electrical fires (not suitable for cooking fat fires). Generally large fires start as small fires, often of a size that can be tackled by suitably trained staff using portable fire extinguishers. Therefore, action by staff can prevent development of a fire that would pose a threat to life, property or operation of business. Fires are classed according to the material that is burning. Therefore extinguishers provided need to be appropriate for the class of fire

Suitable for Class A, B and Cl fires

Polyester external coating adds extra protection to withstand the hardest knocks
Precision built mechanical gauge provides a very accurate indication of extinguisher’s pressure status
CE marked
Kitemarked to BS EN3
One year warranty
Supplied with bracket
Height: 38.5cm
Capacity: 2kg