PPE Breathing Mask

RPE (respirators and breathing apparatus) such as a PPE breathing mask are required for use in a variety of scenarios and situations where workers are likely to be working with hazardous substances, such as gases, solvents, powdered chemicals and sprays.

Products such as a PPE breathing mask should only be used as a last available option once every other reasonable step has been taken in order to improve the air quality, ventilation of the area, whilst controlling the exposure.

Choosing the Right Breathing Apparatus

PPE Breathing Mask and this specific type of PPE (personal protective equipment) typically comes with a variety of forms of facepiece, including PPE Breathing Maskhelmets, visors, hoods or masks.

If you use using personally, or are responsible for the selection and use of PPE equipment for your company, we are ideally positioned to help provide informed advice relating to how, when and why you should use a particular piece of equipment.

SSD Safety stock a range of products designed to cover everything ranging from basic to specialised needs and which will work to an optimum level each time you need them.

As well as our PPE range, we also stock a wide and varied range of products including:

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Further Information

If you would like any more information relating to our PPE Breathing mask range, please contact us on either Tel. No. 01293 551938, e-mail – info@ssdsafety.co.uk or via Facebook and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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