Safety Breathing Apparatus

For many different projects and jobs, the use of safety breathing apparatus is absolutely essential to ensure a safe working environment.

Typically split into 2 different categories, safety breathing apparatus are collectively known as respiratory protective equipment (RPE), with the 2 categories as follows:

  • Respirators – filters the air to remove harmful substances and
  • Breathing Apparatus (BA)- provides clean air for the worker to breathe

Offering Protection From Harmful Substances

RPE is a particular type of personal protective equipment (PPE) designed to protect the wearer from breathing in harmful substances or from oxygen-Safety Breathing Apparatusdeficient atmospheres when other controls are either not possible or insufficient on their own.

Work activities may result in harmful substances contaminating the air in the form of dust, mist, vapour, gas or fume. For example, when:

  • Cutting a material such as stone or wood;
  • Using a product containing volatile solvents;
  • Handling a dusty powder;
  • Welding stainless steel;
  • Working in confined spaces, such as a trench, silo or tank

There are many different RPE types designed to:

  • Protect the wearer from a variety of hazards;
  • Suit a variety of work situations;
  • Match the specific requirements of the wearer.

RPE safety breathing apparatus is available in different sizes to allow for the facial differences of workers. Gender, ethnicity, build and many other factors mean that one size of facepiece will not fit everyone. Figure 1 shows some of the common types of RPE.

RPE must be both adequate and suitable:

  • Adequate – It is right for the hazard and reduces exposure to the level required to protect the wearer’s health.
  • Suitable – It is right for the wearer, task and environment, such that the wearer can work freely and without additional risks due to the RPE

For more on this subject, please visit the official HSE guide by clicking here.

Wide Range of Products Available

Our available range of stock includes a full variety of equipment including:

  • Breathing Apparatus
  • First Aid
  • Height Safety – Accessories
  • Height Safety – Fall Arrest
  • Height Safety – Harnesses
  • Hire Equipment
  • JCB Workwear and Footwear
  • PPE Breathing Mask
  • PPE –Ear Protection
  • PPE – Eye Protection
  • PPE – Foot Protection
  • PPE – Hand Protection
  • PPE – Head Protection
  • PPE- Hi Vis
  • PPE – Workwear

Further Information

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