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Product Info: Vitra

Vitra Industrial Safety Glove is one of the most technically advanced gloves available today. It encompasses multiple Tornado technologies together with our unique forefinger and thumb reinforcement to provide a substantially enhanced product capable of laceration aversion in the toughest of manufacturing environments. The heavier construction of the gloves gives an extremely high rating within the level 5 cut resistant category, ideal for negating high risk hazards within the glass industry in particular.

Vitra EN 388

Clean Polyurethane GlovesCPU – Clean polyurethane technology is our state-of-the-art aqua-based dipping system which eliminates any residual chemicals and solvents from the glove coating to provide a totally health-conscious glove solution to our customers.
High Density Polyurethane GlovesHDPu – High-density polyurethane technology is a unique formulation of greater viscosity which naturally forms a stronger glove coating subsequently extending the product life whilst remaining soft, comfortable and flexible.
Antibacterial GlovesANTIBACTERIAL – This unique technology transmits an anti-bacterial agent to the hand during use, ensuring user health and cleanliness whilst wearing the gloves.
Glass Industry GlovesGLASS  INDUSTRY – Multiple levels of research and development have created a leading product range within the glass industry. When the ‘Glass Industry’ logo is displayed, the relevant Tornado glove has been approved for use whilst handling soft-coat glass. The logo is a guarantee that zero contamination will affect the glass at a later stage.