Product Description

Product Info: Ridgegear RGHK11 Big Guy Kit

The Ridgegear RGHK11 Big Guy Kit comes complete with a two point safety harness and single leg fall arrest safety lanyard.

The lanyard is suitable for a user weight of up to 150kg. This combination allows work to take place at an open edge or ungated ladder hatch. The lanyard comes attached with an ANS1 approved scaffold hook which has a stronger gate. The hook is designed for simple connection to scaffolding and other steel structures.

The RGHK11 Big Guy Kit consists of:

  • 1 x Ridgegear RGH2 Big Guy Front & Rear D Harness (available in either L or XL).
  • 1 x Ridgegear RGL1 Big Guy Single Leg Webbing Lanyard & Shock Absorber.
  • 1 x Ridgegear RGK88 62mm Double Action Aluminium Scaffold Hook and Captive Eye.
  • 1 x Ridgegear RGK1 17mm Screwgate Steel Karabiner.


Storage bags also available for kits; RGS1, RGS2 and RGS5.

For harness size guide and specifications please view Harness Size Guide