Product Description

Product Info: Ridgegear RGH16 Comfort Harness

The Ridgegear RGH16 Comfort Harness is a ‘step-in’ multitask harness and will allow operatives to access almost any area in safety using a combinations of the Ridgegear products available.

In addition there is the added benefit of two side D work positioning D rings on a comfortable support pad, and a further ventral front D ring positioned at the waist for sit suspension.

The way this harness is designed ensures operatives who spend long hours working at height and in exposed areas will not experience discomfort.
The unique design allows the shoulder straps to follow the user for added comfort.

The key features of the Ridgegear RGH16 Comfort Harness include:

  • Waist, leg and shoulder support pads.
  • Front, rear, side and ventral attachment points.
  • Adjustable quick release buckles on leg and front chest straps.
  • Double front waist adjustable.
  • Rear waist adjuster for repositioning of side D rings.
  • Fold back side D rings.
  • Back and shoulder adjuster.
  • Tail tidy.
  • Tool loops.

For harness size guide and specifications please view Downloads – Datasheet.