Product Description

Product Info: Quantum CT

The Quantum CT use the new Tornado cushion technology polyurethane coating enables the production of a glove which is our most soft and comfortable style to date whilst losing none of the protective properties associated with the Tornado brand.

Clean Polyurethane GlovesCPU – Clean polyurethane technology is our state of the art aqua based dipping systemQuantum CT EN 388which eliminates any residual chemicals and solvents from the glove coating to provide a totally health-conscious glove solution to our customers.

Cushion Technology GlovesCUSHION TECHNOLOGY – A new concept of soft and flexible polyurethane compound which when coated onto the glove gives an exceptional level of comfort to the user whilst maintaining physical strength and abrasion resistant properties.
Antibacterial GlovesANTIBACTERIAL – This unique technology transmits an anti-bacterial agent to the hand during use, ensuring user health and cleanliness whilst wearing the gloves.