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Product Info: Advanced One-Piece Adjustable Offset Davit Mast Short

The variable offset davit mast is designed for use where multiple offset masts are required. The variable offset masts may be equipped with front mounted and/or back mounted winches or SRLs and feature an anchor point rated up to 5,000 lbs. (22kN) depending on pin position. For applications with overhead clearance restrictions, the adjustable height of the variable offset masts can eliminate the need for custom length masts and mast extensions. Advanced One-Piece Adjustable Offset Davit Mast Short

Key Features:

  • One-piece adjustable offset davit mast:

An ideal confined space support structure for one or more mechanical devices and your choice of Advanced portable or permanent bases.

  • Telescoping reach of 29.2 to 69.8 cm (11-1/2 in. to 27-1/2 in.):

Adjustable length of davit mast ensures mechanical device lifeline(s) are always centred over the confined space.

  • Adjustable vertical height of; 167.6 to 193 cm (66 in. to 76 in.) | 198.1 to 223.5 cm (78 in. to 88 in.) | 228.6 to 254 cm (90 in. to 100 in.)228.6 to 254 cm (90 in. to 100 in.)

Eliminates the need for custom length masts and extensions, allowing one system to cover a range of different confined space scenarios.

  • Built-in primary and secondary pulleys:

Route lifelines of two mechanical devices for smooth, efficient rescue and work support operations.

  • Integral secondary fall arrest anchorage point:

Provides user with up to a 22 kN (5,000 lb.) rated anchor point for a self- retracting lifeline or similar fall arrest device for added safety.

  • Quick mount winch/ SRL bracket:

Simple detent style bracket offers extremely fast and safe mechanical device installation.

  • Configure with front and/ or back mounted winch/ SRL:

Both primary and secondary mechanical devices can be attached to the mast for added flexibility.

  • Detent and knob style adjustment:

Allows user to adjust system quickly and easily to site configuration and collapse for transport and storage; without tools.

  • Lightweight, corrosion resistant aluminium construction:

Our davit masts are a fraction of the weight when compared to steel and offer quick and easy transport, set-up, dismantling and storage.

  • Use with Advanced portable and permanent bases:

We’ve got you covered with dozens of different bases to suit almost any site requirement for complete flexibility.


Model: 8568382 | 8568383 |8568384

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