Product Description

Product Info: 1500kg Semi-electric Battery Pallet Truck 540x1150mm

The perfect alternative to a hand Pallet Truck! 1500kg Semi-electric Battery Pallet Truck 540x1150mm

When the battery is discharged, this Powered Pallet Truck can still be used as a hand Pallet Truck, which is a distinctive advantage compared to other powered Pallet Trucks which need to be charged or replacing the battery

The smart design allows easy exchange of the 48volt battery pack within seconds.  Simply lift out and replace with additional 48volt battery sold (sold seperately)

The chassis adopts a skeleton structure reducing the total weight of the Truck, while ensuring structural strength and integrity.  The vehicle weight of 165kg is 25% lighter than comparable models.  This reduced weight provides increased flexibility and improved operations

The compact design is suitable for narrow areas such as retails stores or mezzanine warehouses

Small and flexible allowing use in elevators

Good braking performance means the Truck can guarantee 4% slope braking

Excellent climbing performance means when fully loaded, the Truck’s climbing performance can climb a 3.5% slope

Excellent speed and efficiency due to it’s powerful 500w drive motor

3.5hrs working time on the battery (additional batteries sold seperately)

Fully electric driven (when battery is used)

Fork lifting is manually operated

Fork dimensions: 540mm wide x 1150mm long

Overall length: 1650mm

Lift height: 115mm

Height lowered: 85mm

Turning radius: 1450mm

Battery weight: 30kg

Charge time: Approx 8hrs