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If you’re looking for high quality, great value, PPE hand protection Sussex products, the SSD Safety Ltd website is just what you have been looking for.

As Health & Safety laws continue to become to evolve and become increasingly complex, it is our aim to ensure that we help our customers achieve compliance through the purchase or rental of our stock.

We stock a wide range of products which will help you to take a number of the required steps towards compliance, with a particular reference towards PPE hand protection.PPE Hand Protection Sussex

Why May You Need PPE Hand Protection?

PPE hand protection may be required when a workplace assessment indicates that employees may encounter injury to hands and arms which cannot be eliminated through engineering and work practice controls, supervisors must require that the employees wear appropriate protection.

Potential hazards include:

  • Skin absorption of harmful substances
  • Chemical or thermal burns
  • Electrical dangers
  • Bruises
  • Abrasions
  • + more

It is our aim to provide our customers with a ‘One Stop Shop’ where you can purchase all of your industrial safety products without worrying about the cost or quality of their choices.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need advice on what you need. We pride ourselves on our friendly before and after sales service.

Why Choose SSD Safety?

We are dedicated to supplying you with the very best in health and safety products of a high standard to help you achieve full compliance with health and safety at work legislation, also helping you meet any other safety needs you may require in the course of your work on site.

  • 100s of high quality, reputable products
  • An increasingly diverse range
  • A brand new website which is easier than ever to search, navigate and complete purchases

We have recently made some significant changes to our website in order to enhance our customer experience and have received some wonderful feedback.

Further Information

If you would like any more information relating to our range of PPE hand protection products Sussex, please contact us on either Tel. No. 01293 551938, e-mail – info@ssdsafety.co.uk or via Facebook and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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