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Welcome to the SSD Safety Ltd website. We stock a wide and varied range of PPE ear protection London to help protect your employees against the ill effects of when noise exceeds the upper exposure action values in the work environment.

The PPE ear protection products are designed offer comfort and ease of use, all whilst ensure effective and lasting protection.PPE Ear Protection London

When should hearing protection be used?

Hearing protection should be issued to employees:

  • Where extra protection is needed above what has been achieved using noise control;
  • As a short-term measure while other methods of controlling noise are being developed.

You should not use hearing protection as an alternative to controlling noise by technical and organisational means.

Give HSE’s pocket card Noise: Don’t lose your hearing to your employees to remind them to wear their hearing protection. You can also order copies fromHSE Books.

What does the law require employers to do?

You are required to:

  • Provide your employees with hearing protectors if they ask for it and their noise exposure is between the lower and upper exposure action values;
  • Provide your employees with hearing protectors and make sure they use them properly when their noise exposure exceeds the upper exposure action values;
  • Identify hearing protection zones, ie areas where the use of hearing protection is compulsory, and mark them with signs if possible;
  • Provide your employees with training and informationon how to use and care for the hearing protectors;
  • Ensure that the hearing protectors are properly used and maintained.

How can hearing protection be used effectively?


  • Make sure the protectors give enough protection – aim at least to get below 85 dB at the ear;
  • Target the use of protectors to the noisy tasks and jobs in a working day;
  • Select protectors which are suitable for the working environment – consider how comfortable and hygienic they are;
  • Think about how they will be worn with other protective equipment (eg hard hats, dust masks and eye protection);
  • Provide a range of protectors so that employees can choose ones which suit them.

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Further Information

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